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About us

Trakstar Hire helps growing companies hire simply and predictably. Most recruiting software is so clunky and cumbersome that people often relapse to using email and spreadsheets. Trakstar Hire intends to change that. We understand that hiring works best when people collaborate and make informed decisions together. Which is why we designed Trakstar Hire to get out of your way and get this job done.

At Trakstar Hire, we are not only building a product, but also a company. The people that work here, their styles and values, and the environment they work in – all eventually reflect in the product. It makes sense to pay attention to it. Here are a few things we believe in:

  • A focus on customers and our team will result in a great product.
  • Good products don’t have more things. They do more things, better.
  • Beauty isn’t skin deep. What’s under the hood matters so we care about code.
About Trakstar Hire


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Our Leadership Team

Julie Rieken

Julie Rieken, CEO

"I love work. I love a challenge, and we've got one! Our world has changed, and it's energizing to hear the voices of our customers paired with the creativity of our teams at Trakstar so that we can build meaningful software solutions for people, at work."

JP Lind

JP Lind, Chief Revenue Officer

"I am passionate about helping our customers get the most value out of our software and partnership. I thrive on seeing customers improve their workflows, gain insight through our analytics and achieve their goals."

Matt Smith

Matt Smith, VP of Finance

"My passion for people, process, and leadership has led me to Trakstar. I'm thrilled every day to have the opportunity to work alongside this amazing team to help each other and our customers grow."

Kim Woodruff

Kim Woodruff, Director, Human Resources

"I value people - their unique backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. Our employees' authenticity, creativity, and commitment to meaningful outcomes makes Trakstar an amazing place to work. I'm grateful for the opportunity to grow alongside them every day."

Chris McClave

Chris McClave, Chief Technical Officer

"Delivering meaningful value to our customers and shareholders, working with exceptional product and engineering teams, and solving complex challenges are part of what I love most about both my 20+ year career and working with this company. I've been working in product centric technology companies that span the domains of health, advertising, ecommerce and HR. Nothing delights more than seeing customers light up when they have a great experience with the products we work so hard to build."

Join the Team

Join the Team

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Who is Trakstar?

Trakstar is a multi-product HR software provider helping organizations put the people back in people management. Develop and align your staff through better recruiting and applicant tracking, performance management, and learning management. For a more integrated solution to talent management, check out our website and request a live demonstration today.

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