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Private Fields

You need input from the people your new hire will work alongside but can’t involve them in every conversation. Salary negotiations, candidate evaluations, and other sensitive information aren’t for everyone to know. Using Trakstar Hire, you can make some details private so certain hiring team members don’t see what they’re not privy to.

Private Answers to Sensitive Questions

Asking about desired salary on the job application ensures you only focus on candidates who will likely say “yes” if offered the role. But their answers aren’t for everyone’s eyes. Set responses to questions about compensation or other private matters to be visible only to Trakstar Hire admins.

Protect Private Conversations

Do you prefer to discuss compensation through email after you’ve gotten to know to a candidate? Hire logs email conversations on the candidate’s profile so your team is up-to-date on the latest developments. However, you can make certain exchanges accessible to just system admins.

Discreet Evaluations

Gathering feedback on candidates from your team is important but managers, HR, and recruiters are often the only people who should know reasons behind hiring decisions. Hire users with the right account access can leave notes on candidate profiles that are only visible to admins and select team members.

A-Need-to-Know Basis

Hiring team members eventually become a candidate’s coworkers. Hire makes it easy to have a diverse hiring team without worrying about anyone seeing something they shouldn’t.

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