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Features that simplify recruiting

From parsing resumes for contact information, tracking applicants, to interview scheduling - Trakstar Hire has numerous features to make your recruitment process fast and easy through the use of our online recruiting software.

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Resume Management

Resume Upload

If you've been collecting resumes prior to using Trakstar Hire, you can upload them to our applicant tracking system and our software will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

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Candidate & Resume Search

With so many candidates, looking for a certain resume or group of applicants used to be an undertaking. Using Trakstar Hire's advanced search functionality, you can find exactly who you’re looking for with a few keystrokes. Experience all the benefits of having an extensive candidate database while never feeling overwhelmed trying to manage it.

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Parse Resumes

Every candidate’s resume is unique. They put the effort into creating a resume that catches your eye but sometimes you just need to know who they are and how to contact them. Trakstar Hire's resume parsing feature automatically extracts basic details and creates consistently-formatted profiles for every candidate.

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Accept Resumes in All Formats

Every candidate has a unique resume. They want to make a good first impression but you just need to get a sense of their skills and experience. Trakstar Hire accepts resumes in every format and converts them into consistently-format candidate profiles so you can easily review each applicants’ background.

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Duplicate Detection

It’s common for the same person to apply to your openings multiple times. It’s great they’re so eager to work for your organization but you need your candidate lists to be clean and streamlined. Trakstar Hire makes it easy to identify duplicate candidate profiles and merge them into one.

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Collect Resumes from Attachments

In a perfect world, every candidate would apply using your online application. But every once in a while you connect with a candidate via email or an external site and need to funnel their resume into your ATS. With Trakstar Hire, there’s no need to manually upload a stray resume.

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Applicant Tracking


You’re down to a few candidates who interviewed well and look good on paper. But how do you know who really has the knowledge and skills to excel at the job? Create assessment questionnaires in Trakstar Hire to learn more about your finalists’ qualifications.

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Track Applicant Status

It's easy to know what stage of the hiring process each of your candidates is in with our applicant tracking system.

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Search Within Candidate Profiles

Our recruiting software's fast, accurate search tool helps you find the information you need.

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Centralize Communication

Hiring managers, interviewers, recruiters, candidates—hiring involves so many different people. Not only do you need to keep everyone in the loop, it also helps to have a record of the numerous conversations that occur. Trakstar Hire is your centralized hub for all hiring-related communications.

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Archive Applicants

Your job openings attract a lot of great candidates but you can’t hire them all. You need to focus on the people still in contention but don’t want to write off the other candidates forever. With archiving, you can save candidate profiles for future consideration.

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Customizable Recruitment Workflow

Hiring is a long journey with different points along the way. What works for one company or position doesn’t work for all. You can customize your hiring workflow in Trakstar Hire so it matches the exact steps your organization follows in real life.

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Careers Site Management

Openings API

Maximize your ability to customize your job postings with our recruiting software's openings API.

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Mobile-friendly Hosted Careers Site

A job seeker who comes directly to your website is truly interested in joining your organization. You should be there to greet them with a list of available positions and insight into what it’s like to be part of the team. Trakstar Hire comes with a hosted careers site you can use to make your pitch and display your openings on your website.

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Jobs Widget

Perks, benefits, photos of smiling employees—the careers page is now a standard part of any organization’s website. While highlighting the employee experience is a must, displaying the roles you’re hiring for is just as important. Use Trakstar Hire's jobs widget to add openings to your website with ease.

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Customizable Application Forms

Your organization's hiring needs are unique, so your online application forms should be too. With Trakstar Hire, you can build custom forms for every job that include questions related to the role. Instead of just collecting resumes and contact details, use applications to get a jump on identifying the standout candidates.

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Collaborative Recruiting

Private Fields

You need input from the people your new hire will work alongside but can’t involve them in every conversation. Salary negotiations, candidate evaluations, and other sensitive information aren’t for everyone to know. Using Trakstar Hire, you can make some details private so certain hiring team members don’t see what they’re not privy to.

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Manage User Roles & Permissions

Managing hiring activities—whether for a specific role or across multiple openings—requires contributions from different people in your organization. But responsibilities differ from person to person so each team member needs the right access level in the ATS. Trakstar Hire offers user levels with varying permissions, on both the account level and for specific openings.

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Share Candidates with Team Members

Hiring is a collaborative effort but responsibilities differ from person-to-person. Some team members just need to review a candidate’s resume or participate in interviews. Using Trakstar Hire, you can easily invite employees to assess candidates.

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Share Notes & Candidate Evaluations

The interview process is complete, now you need to get your team member’s thoughts on the candidates they met with. But you need to know all their takeaways from each interview, not just who they think should and shouldn’t get the job. Team members can provide detailed evaluations in Trakstar Hire so you make informed hiring decisions.

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Attach Documents to Candidates

The hiring process starts with a resume and cover letter. As you get further along, you’ll have other documents associated with the candidates still in consideration. The information in these documents will play a key role in your hiring decisions so it’s important they’re easily accessible and searchable.

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Create & Delegate Tasks

Hiring isn’t a solo pursuit. Multiple people are involved in the recruiting process but coordinating everyone is difficult. Our recruiting software allows you to assign tasks in one place—no more emails that don’t get read or voicemails people forget to listen to.

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Assign Different Stages

A successful hiring process consists of different team members working together to find the right person for the job. Sharing responsibilities and collecting varying perspectives ensures the ideal candidate is hired in a timely manner. Trakstar Hire is built precisely for collaborative hiring.

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Recruitment Automation

Software Integrations

In the current era of cloud-based software, it only makes sense to use solutions that connect and share data. Hire integrates with some of the most popular hiring and business management software providers. Find great employees and seamlessly move your new team members into your other solutions.

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Notifications & Alerts

We get it, you have a lot going on at work. But you can’t afford your hiring schedule to fall behind or to go too long without communicating with candidates. Trakstar Hire automatically sends email notifications when new candidates are added and reminders about outstanding tasks.

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Replicate Recruitment Workflow

You have multiple openings that follow the same hiring process—sourcing, resume review, phone interview, in-person interview, and so on. So why spend time setting it up over and over again? Create your ideal hiring workflow once and replicate it for future job openings.

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Candidate Auto-response

Each of your openings likely attracts dozens of applicants. You’d like to thank everyone for applying but that’s a tall order. With candidate auto-response, you can save yourself the time of manually replying to every single person.

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Email Filters

By setting up email filters, resumes can go straight from your inbox to our applicant tracking system.

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Create Email Templates

“Thank you for your application,” “Can you provide additional information?,” ''We selected someone else,” etc. Do you find yourself writing the same recruiting email over and over again as you communicate with different candidates? Get your time back by using standardized email templates in Trakstar Hire.

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Sourcing Candidates

Opening Settings

The start-to-finish hiring journey includes different stages along the way. In the beginning, you want as many applicants as possible but you’ll eventually hit a point when you feel like you have plenty. Trakstar Hire lets you turn the candidate faucet on or off at any time by managing your job opening settings.

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Sponsored Job Openings

Hiring starts with getting your job description in front of the right people. But when the job market is hot, your opening needs to stand out among all the rest. With Trakstar Hire, you can purchase and post sponsored openings on the world’s most popular job boards.

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There is a good chance someone on your staff can introduce you to your next great hire. Your employees know talented and hardworking people and will recommend them if you ask. Easily accept referrals with Trakstar Hire and keep track of the individual employees they come from.

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Free Job Search Engine Syndication

Online job boards are unquestionably the best way to generate a lot of applicants. But there are so many hiring websites and you just don’t have the time to post your openings on each one. Fear not, every time you create a new job opening in Trakstar Hire, it’s easy to post it to multiple job boards at once.

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Social Media Sharing

You've created a job opening—now you need to share it with the world. And there is no better way to reach the masses than to post your opportunity on social media. Trakstar Hire makes it easy to share job openings on all your brand’s social accounts.

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External Recruiters

The right recruiting agency can be a great partner in your hiring efforts. However, it’s difficult to collaborate with people who aren’t part of the immediate team. Using Trakstar Hire, you can involve external recruiters in your hiring process without a hitch.

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Broadcast Your Openings

It’s important to not only share job openings on your organization’s website but also broadcast them different places online. That way you connect with the people who are already interested in working for your company and the job seekers exploring online. We have you covered on both fronts with our hosted careers website.

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Email Forwarding

If you've been collecting resumes in your inbox, you can simply forward them to Hire, and our applicant tracking system will automatically create a candidate profile for each resume.

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Bulk Resume Upload

Don’t let the fact that you already have a collection of resumes somewhere else deter you from moving to Trakstar Hire. Whether you’re using another ATS or have them all stored on your computer, it’s simple and painless to upload them all at once.

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Candidate Source Report

Have you ever had a job opening that didn’t get the response you anticipated? Or have you ever received a lot of applicants but many weren’t qualified for the role? With Trakstar Hire, you can generate a report that details your most fruitful candidate sources.

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EEOC Compliance

Most American employers are accountable to federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. Trakstar Hire helps ensure your organization is in compliance with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

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Export Data to Microsoft Excel

When openings attract dozens or even hundreds of candidates, you end up with a massive amount of data on your hands. You need to be able to organize and analyze it all so you can identify trends and optimize your hiring process. Trakstar Hire includes numerous detailed reports, all of which are exportable to Microsoft Excel.

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Schedule Interviews

Arrange appointments with candidates and team members alike with our applicant tracking system's interview scheduling functionality.

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Collect Interview Feedback

Meeting a candidate provides the opportunity to get beyond their resume and learn about who they are and what they can do. But interviews are subjective and one team member’s takeaway can be different than the next. You need to collect interview feedback from everyone involved so the hiring manager makes the right decision.

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Calendar Integration

Many organizations hit a snag when it comes time to bring candidates in for interviews. You want to manage your hiring process in one place but need to schedule interviews and other to-dos on the right people’s calendars. Whether your organization uses Google or Outlook, Trakstar Hire integrates with your online calendar.

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Business Class Software

Responsive Support

Your organization uses an ATS to efficiently progress through the hiring process. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to deal with anything less than stellar support when you run into trouble with your software. At Trakstar Hire, we always strive to provide helpful solutions to your problems as soon as possible.

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Reliability Guaranteed

The ATS is the heart of all things hiring for your organization. You’re in there every day and can’t afford to fall behind in your recruiting efforts because the system goes down. Trakstar Hire provides the dependable performance and reliability you need and expect.

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Data Security

Applicants provide a lot of information, much of it potentially sensitive. They trust your organization to protect their personal details from hacks, breaches, and other intrusions. Here at Trakstar Hire, we take every measure to ensure the data you collect is completely secure.

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